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One of the most important questions we can answer for ourselves is why we feel, think, or react the way that we do. 


Why is this true?


 Understanding ourselves is the key to both happiness and success.  Both of these states depend heavily upon being able to respond rather than react.  When simply reacting to a stimulus, we are only working from the most emotive portion of our psyche.  However, responding allows us to consider what action would be most beneficial to the situation and tailor our engagement thusly.


Consider this:  I know a woman whose relationship with her teenage daughter was once quite harmonious but over time small disagreements have escalated into larger and larger fights. The reason for this is that both the mother and daughter are highly emotionally reactive people.

Both mother and daughter are excellent communicators and are otherwise quite mature in their interactions as well as being highly intelligent people.  The problem is that when they are in an emotionally charged situation with each other, they react to perceived slights rather than responding to the actual situation.


Why would they do this?


The answer lies in the lack of understanding the why of their emotional reactions.  When encouraged to examine the underlying reasons for their emotions calmly and rationally, the ability to understand themselves allows them to apply their well-developed communication abilities.

While this acceptance did not immediately solve the entire issue, it did allow the two of them to admit that there was indeed a problem, and now they attend family therapy together and continue their journey toward understanding each other.

Remember, each step, no matter how small, is still moving you forward.  You are beautiful.  You are strong.  You can do this!




~Rochelle Renee

Published by

Rochelle Renee

Hi! I'm Rochelle Renee, and I am a self improvement enthusiast! I have just recently decided to start my own journey of self-realization, and I hope that I can inspire other people to believe that they are capable of achieving anything that they set their mind to.

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