Be an Empty Cup

empty cup


The usefulness of a cup is in its emptiness.


When I first read this, I was astounded by how deep it was, especially since it came from a fortune cookie strip.  I shared it all around the table so that my companions and I could discuss what it meant to each of us.

One person spoke of releasing old hurts so that new emotions would have room to grow, while another mentioned that it could be letting go of a bad relationship to make way for a happier one.  There was laughing talk of getting new jobs and moving to new places, and I found it eye opening that everyone was focused on the most positive happenstance surrounding this lovely bit of philosophy.

Most of us probably know that the universe hates a vacuum.  Letting go of the old and comfortable can be a good thing, because it will leave an open space for new experiences to settle into.  Remember, though, there are several important things to keep in mind when creating that open space.


Never decide to rid yourself of something without considering all the consequences.

It may sound like a wonderful idea to cut a person from your life if you are angry with them or hurt by them.  Quitting your job because your boss or co-workers do not appreciate you enough could feel like a breath of freedom for you.  Either or both decisions might be the best one that you could make.  However, examining the situation carefully is definitely called for in order that you ensure to reach a logical and self-gratifying ending for your problem.

Have you talked to the person who is hurting you?  Did they listen to you and try to change their approach?  Did your boss or co-workers not know that you were feeling unappreciated?  Be sure that when you choose to undertake a major life change that you know which one is the right one!


Expect the best but prepare for the worst.

While this piece of advice may seem to be self-defeating, it is actually an incredibly good idea.  Just because the universe will actively attempt to fill an empty space, does not immediately mean that only good things will rush in.  You definitely would not want to be in a situation where you had no options at all.

When planning to quit your job or move, the best idea would be to have some sort of plan in place.  Where will you stay?  How will you provide yourself with food and other necessities?  While it is possible to succeed with having no plan at all, it is a personal opinion that having your options laid out in advance can assist in reducing feelings of panic and hopelessness which some people will experience when going through huge life changes.

Will this completely stop those feelings?  Of course not!  On the other hand, they will certainly give you a place to start in the event that you are in a less than ideal situation.


Ensure that you are deliberately seeking out good and joyful things in your life, and it will be much easier to find them. 

When you concentrate on things that are depressing those are the things you notice most.  Your mind will completely overlook those things around you that are going well.  Alternatively, when you purposely look for the silver lining on the storm cloud, you will begin to notice them every time!  Seeking joy and happiness attunes you to those energies and allows you to find them more readily even if your plan is going poorly.  Perhaps you did not get the position that you wanted but were hired by the company you had hoped to work for.


There’s your silver lining!


You can always try to transfer once you have more experience, or you may even discover that the new position is even better for you than the one you wanted.  Did your boss tell you that you needed to put in overtime just before your vacation?  Perhaps he or she is grooming you for a promotion upon your return.  Your spouse didn’t compliment your new jeans?  Maybe they were struck speechless by your beauty.


Stop sometimes to look at the sky.  Smell flowers and dance in the rain.  Seek your joy and shine because you are a beautiful human, and you deserve it!




~Rochelle Renee

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Rochelle Renee

Hi! I'm Rochelle Renee, and I am a self improvement enthusiast! I have just recently decided to start my own journey of self-realization, and I hope that I can inspire other people to believe that they are capable of achieving anything that they set their mind to.

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