A Little Self-Indulgence Can Be A Good Thing

self care

How do we schedule time for ourselves in this busy world?  Getting tired is a consequence of life.  Becoming run down doesn’t have to be.

It is particularly easy to push self-care to the side when you are working yourself to the bone in other areas.  At the end of the day, when you are finally finished with work, chores, caring for the children, exercise, and everything else that makes your life full, you’re exhausted.  You might wind down with a little Facebook or YouTube before bed.  Perhaps you watch an episode or two of your favourite show.  Either way, it is simple to push back that mani/pedi or getting your hair redone.

Naturally, one must engage in daily self-maintenance.  Showers, shaving, and personal grooming/make-up routines are not exactly optional for most of us.  Even if only because of a work dress code.  Even if it is casual Friday, the boss probably won’t be amused with casual Friday devolving into pajama and unbrushed hair Friday.  There are, however, a few things that we can all do to up our self-care routine.


My personal routine includes treating myself to a self-indulgent Saturday.  What is this, you ask?  I would be pleased to tell you!


Self-indulgent Saturdays are exactly what they sound like.  Every Saturday I do something specifically for myself.  These are the days that I lounge in the bath for an hour accompanied by a glass of wine, beautifully scented candles, and a good book.  I indulge in face and hair masks, deep moisture skin treatments, a leisurely shave, and occasionally a massage or a good soak in the hot tub.

The point of self-indulgent Saturday is that I have a day to pamper myself.  Most of us probably have a schedule something like this.  I get up, exercise, shower, make breakfast for myself and my daughter (and husband if he is home), power through the chores, buckle down on work, take care of dinner, and then there is more chores along with any errands or appointments from that day.


Most days a week we are running at 110%.


I challenge each of you lovely people to pick a day to devote as much time as possible to yourselves.  Something as simple as a facial mask and a short meditation can completely change your outlook on life.  Even if it is a different day each week, you will be amazed by home much more productive you will be after devoting just a little time to rest, relaxation, and pampering.


You are beautiful.  You are talented.  You can do this!



~Rochelle Renee


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Rochelle Renee

Hi! I'm Rochelle Renee, and I am a self improvement enthusiast! I have just recently decided to start my own journey of self-realization, and I hope that I can inspire other people to believe that they are capable of achieving anything that they set their mind to.

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